Our Story

Divine Baby is a unique line of baby products that celebrates the beauty of cultural diversity through timeless, heirloom-quality keepsakes. We know how precious your children are to you, and we believe that all babies benefit from nurturing moments shared with those who love them. Our gorgeously illustrated board books, ultra-luxurious baby blankets and other products are meant for families to share and to pass down through the generations.

Our Mission

Divine Baby's mission is to create original designs that are authenic in nature to cultural heritage. Desisgns that reflect positive values that have been communicated down through history. Designs that are uncomprimising in quailty and remain true to what is universally understood as protective, nurturing and bring the most value to children. My vision is that families will share orally the positive messages of the heritage that have remained strong lasting the test of time. Truely adding layers of nurturing, education and awareness of the own culture and that of others.

Message From Our Founder

I'm Bobbi Gallina, the founder of Divine Baby. Ever since growing up in Nebraska as Bobbi Nebrigich - "the girl with the unpronounceable last name" - I've been passionate about making strong connections between the different cultural threads that run through families and communities. My father came from first generation Yugoslavian roots, and my mother was of Irish descent. Growing up where everyone pronounced our last name wrong, and where I knew my mother’s family but not my father’s, left me longing for closer connection with both sides of my family’s heritage.

Having assimilated my father’s proud, stubborn Slavic instincts, I pursued collegiate studies in education and the arts. Over the years, I have traveled the world, from Latin America to the Carribbean, from Alaska to Japan to Tahiti, from Hawaii to Mexico to Italy and beyond. These travels have fed my soul, but it’s the melting pot of the Midwest that has been the backdrop of my proudest achievement - raising my five beautiful children in my current home city of Madison, Wisconsin. As a mother, artist, and global citizen, I realized there was a huge need in the marketplace for a collection of high-quality baby products that are authentic, beautifully crafted, and reflective of the values, customs, and cultures of families from around the world. I set out to fill this void by founding Divine Baby. It is my hope that our products will foster a deeper connection between you, your child, and the mosaic of gorgeous cultures that make up the world we share.