Our Products

Introducing the Divine Baby collection — well-crafted, heirloom quality keepsakes that your family will enjoy for years to come. Our blankets feature crisp, clean designs that are inspired by global cultures. Our board books are richly illustrated with images of families from around the world. And our interactive book/blanket combination will allow your child to see their blanket in their own book and that of other babies from

around the world.

Blanket Collection

Nothing feels better than holding baby close, snuggled in the warmth and softness of a Divine Baby blanket. Our artisanal collection features fourteen different blankets, all of which are crafted of the highest-quality materials. Showcasing different design motifs inspired by cultures from around the globe, our blankets will complement any style of home decor. Each Divine Baby blanket comes with a certificate that documents the history and cultural background of its featured design, for generations of your family to enjoy. Every family is a rich tapestry, connected by precious threads. Every child will love the warmth and softness of a Divine Baby blanket.

Divine Baby Board Books

Our world is a mosaic of gorgeously varied cultures, customs, and languages, but some things are universal. No matter where they are or where they come from, parents love their children, want what is best for them, and strive to keep them warm, safe, and happy. Divine Baby’s line of full-color board books beautifully illustrates these universal themes. Babies and toddlers will adore the images of children and families from around the globe, and will be comforted by the gentle, tender text. Babies today will be growing up in an ever-more connected, multicultural world. Divine Baby board books will foster intercultural appreciation and understanding, and will help babies grow up to become compassionate global citizens.

Divine Baby Interactive

In addition to its collection of ultra-luxurious blankets and board books, Divine Baby's blankets and books are also coordinated. Each blanket is illustrated in the books, "Mama Gave Me a Blanket" and "Papa Gave Me a Blaneket". Your child will be able to experience their own blanket in their own

book and that of other children from around the world.